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Current Gallery: swarmingpentaplex ( piece)
Works derived from an original arrangement of vertex groups found in a Penrose tiling. "Swarming Pentaplex" was exhibited at the mathematical art show held in conjunction with the joint conference of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America, held in Washington DC in January 2009. The image is hosted on the AMS website at: More details from the exhibition can be found Bridges Organization: art and mathematics: Julie Rehmeyer from Science News wrote a piece about the image and the maths behind the image:
"Swarming Pentaplex Variation - Rust"  (2009) by pdstacy
  • Swarming Pentaplex Swarming Pentaplex
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  • Swarming Pentaplex Variation - Tropicana Swarming Pentaplex Variation - Tropicana
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  • Swarming Pentaplex Variation - Rust Swarming Pentaplex Variation - Rust
from $ 34

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