Current Gallery: abstractaganza ( piece)
This is a small collection of my most abstract art. Each piece in this gallery was created to set a particular mood. Some cool, some warm, some exciting, some lonely. I love to create paintings that when looked at, can be interpreted in any number of ways. In this gallery I took a few of my original works of art and modified them digitally to enhance some of the colors and lines, and to also bring a different feel or ambiance to the print. I have a few of the pieces printed out and framed hanging in my apartment and the effect is awesome. I hope that anyone who sees my art can enjoy it in their own way. The best thing about art is each individual vantage point viewing it. Thanks for looking! God Bless.
"pure craziness"  by Cheroldart
  • morning after the apocalypse morning after the apocalypse
from $ 15
  • pure craziness pure craziness
from $ 15

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